Mobile Home Inspection Items

In order for our engineering consultant to issue the structural engineer’s certification, he looks at the following main items from what our inspector covers in his inspection photos and report

1. From the inspection photos by our inspector, are the anchors on the front and back of the MH encased in concrete or are they galvanized steel?

2. From the same inspection by our inspector, are there also anchors on each end that have straps parallel to the MH chasses and are these anchors likewise encased in concrete or galvanized?

3. From the skirting inspection by our inspector, is the skirting intact and there are no substantial weed-eater holes or other damage?

4. From the same skirting inspection by our inspector, is the skirting properly braced with treated wood?

5. From the additions inspection by our inspector, do all the porches, decking and steps have hand rails and balusters if they are higher than 30 inches?

6. From the crawlspace inspection by our inspector, is the crawlspace elevated such that there is no rainfall runoff entering… is the crawlspace dry and absent any evidence of past water intrusion?

7. If the mobile home is on a slope, is surface drainage diverted away from the home?

8. From the same crawlspace inspection by our inspector, have the axles underneath been detached and have the tongues been cut from the mobile home and either removed or stored underneath?