About GulfTex

Company History

The principals of GulfTex have worked together in the construction business for many years. The original Gulftex was formed by Mr. Teague in 1976. Mr. Watson has been working with Mr. Teague since 1990.


Our next largest competitor in Texas boasts that they have completed over 1,000 retrofits in the past 18 years.

By comparison, we have completed over 1,600 retrofits in the past 2 years and have been doing retrofits for over 14 years

This experience divide allows our clients to benefit in costs, schedule, quality of service and the absolute certainty their project will be ready for closing on the date targeted, even in situations where we only have a 3 day window between notice to proceed and closing date.

This level of experience and professionalism is unmatched in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.