Mobile Home Decking & Handrails

For any manufactured home with a porch, landing, or steps 30 inches or higher, the FHA requires the following items:

  • Treated wood for both handrails and balusters.
  • Handrails height should be 30 inches.
  • Balusters should be installed vertically, 32 inches long and 6 inches center to center.
  • Steps need handrail and balusters on one side only.

decking and steps with no handrail mobile home foundation
(1) This manufactured home inspection photo above is of decking and steps in excess of 30 inches in height that do not have the required hand rails and balusters.

decking and steps with handrail mobile home foundation
(2) Specifications for porch/landing/steps handrails and balusters.





(3) Improperly installed steps. It has no handrail with balusters on one side.