Services and Pricing

FHA/VA/HUD Retrofit Manufactured Home Foundation Services

Our inspectors and retrofit crews provide the inspections and foundations for retrofit tie-downs to the FHA/VA/HUD and the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDCHA) newest standards. The TDHCA required specifications were newly published in July, 2012 and effective December, 2012. HUD Guidelines were published and effective September, 1996.

Quality Manufactured Home Foundations

For the required mobile home tie-downs, we install 3-foot-deep reinforced concrete piers with galvanized steel aircraft cable. This provides a 40% increase in wind resistance strength compared to conventional straps. We provide digital photographs of the before and after on the tie-downs. The quality of our work is such that we are the sole source for many mortgage companies and realtors in Texas. We would be glad to supply references upon request.

Quality Control

All work is supervised by our engineering consultant, a Texas licensed Professional Engineer. This engineer issues the report as required for FHA, VA and USDA financing.

Our inspectors encourage the seller and/or buyer to be present during the inspection so that the inspector can answer any questions they may have.  Our retrofit crew chief encourages the seller and/or buyer to be present after the work is done for a walk-through inspection and to answer any questions about the work


1. Foundation Retrofit Costs: There is a 10% discount if the retrofit cost is paid upon completion instead of at closing. This price includes the retrofit, engineer report and final inspection. This base cost varies by size of home, crawlspace access, type of soil and distance from our nearest satellite location.

2. The outside consultant we use provides the Compliance Report, Structural Engineer’s Design, and HUD Final Inspection Compliance Report required by FHA/VA/HUD as part of the cost above.

3. If the house is under contract and the lender is requiring a retrofit or if the inspection is prearranged due to proximity of current GulfTex operations, there is no cost for us to inspect the property and provide a retrofit bid.

4. If the property is not under contract, the inspection time/location is such that we cannot fit it into our weekly schedule and it must be done to meet an option deadline, the initial inspection and email report cost ranges from $ 250.00 to $ 450.00 due at the time of the inspection. This cost range depends upon how far the home is from our nearest satellite location. This email report will tell if the home meets current guidelines or if it does not, then the report will include an estimate of the retrofit cost to bring it into compliance.

5. Where the mobile home meets all current FHA/VA/HUD standards based on our inspector report, our engineering consultant can provide an engineer certification report for $350.00 if paid at the time the report is issued or $ 450.00  if paid at closing.

6. Prices for the retrofit can increase based on if:

a. New partial or full skirting is required

b. Porch roof supports are needed.

c. Bracing of the skirting may be required.

d. Drainage diversion may be required.  HUD requires dry crawlspace

e. Pier support repair or replacement.