Frequently Asked Questions

This page is still under development and will have additions made regularly in response to additional recommendations from our long term clients and others.

Is leveling included in a retrofit ?

No…. leveling is considered by all regulatory agencies to be a maintenance item and not a structural or foundation issue covered by the Permanent Foundation published guidelines for manufactured homes

If a home has been retrofitted in the past, is an updated certification letter required?

Yes, by most lenders. They are mainly concerned about these two issues

  • Has the skirting been significantly damaged since the initial report was issues and/or
  • Have additions been made adjacent to the house that could affect the structural integrity of the home

How can we tell if the home has been moved more than once ?

Go to the Texas TDHCA website and insert the HUD Label Number. The site will then show if the MH has been set up in 1 location or in multiple locations

How can I find the HUD label number for a property if the outside labels are missing?

Go to the Texas TDHCA website and insert the street number in the address block and the zip code in the Zip Code box and the information should show up if the home was registered at time of installation. Older homes were often not registered, in which case you can go to the IBTS website to get the information

What foundation guidelines differences are there between FHA and conventional loans on an existing home ?

The main difference is that FHA, VA and USDA follow HUD Permanent Foundation guidelines which have extensive requirements re the skirting whereas Texas TDHCA guidelines on existing homes have no requirements re skirting.