FHA Requirements

FHA Loans for Mobile Homes

Federal Housing Administration loans are very popular because they allow buyers to purchase homes with a low down payment and with less than perfect credit. Borrowers with credit scores as low as 580 can often qualify for an FHA loan. Many people do not realize that FHA loans for mobile homes exist. They are available, however the FHA has some strict requirements regarding construction and durability in order for the manufactured home to qualify for a loan.

The engineer’s certification is the end document that will attest that the mobile home meets the requirements for FHA/VA/USDA loans as specified in the HUD Guidelines. We prepare 800 to 900 such engineer reports annually and know what lenders require so that there is no learning curve to delay closing dates.

In this section we’ve provided photo examples, a list of inspection items that need to be covered and a more detailed discussion of the technical parameters underlying the inspection items

Anchors, Straps, and Tie-downs

A major consideration which is a factor in getting approved for FHA loans for mobile homes is the requirement for corrosion resistant tie-downs to resist front to rear and side to side movement.

See examples of compliant and non-compliant tie-downs.

Skirting and Bracing

Another significant area is the requirement to have intact and properly braced, ventilated skirting. All FHA loans for mobile homes require this to prevent rodents and other animals from doing damage to exposed ductwork, plumbing, and electrical, as well as maintain adequate ventilation to prevent moisture accumulation. Proper manway access is also required to allow tool-free ingress and egress to the crawlspace, and interior bracing is required to prevent wind damage to the skirting.

See examples of compliant and non-compliant skirting.

Other Issues

Other issues that frequently come up, depending on the appraiser or the buyer’s home inspector include:

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