Credit Repair for a Mobile Home Buyer

The prospective buyers of existing manufactured homes on acreage often have marginal credit scores that need improvement to meet the FHA lenders minimum requirements. In addition, Lenders have tightened their credit requirements in the past year. There is some relaxing of this presently, but the requirements are still higher than they were two years ago.

In order to assist our realtor clients in this area, we have located the Credit Repair firms below that have substantial experience in the manufactured home buyer niche market.

They come from the mortgage brokerage business and presently provide this service to some of the largest manufactured home manufacturers in North Texas as well as many realtors and individual applicants.

We excerpt below the background and contact information of these firms and hope it is helpful in getting your listing closed.

Trinity Credit Services

What Makes Trinity Credit Services Different?

Trinity Credit Services (TCS) believes in going the extra mile to ensure maximum results and success for each and every one of our clients. TCS focuses on getting you qualified/high credit scores with our loan approval focus, as quickly as possible.

We do not consider ourselves a repair company, as we do credit restoration (challenging the credit report, rebuilding, and restoring your credit to work in your best interest). It takes these things in conjunction with each other in order to get you to your main goal of home ownership. Our approach is unique because we do not want a yes or no answer via generic disputes for the items within your credit report. Instead, we seek a burden of proof from those that we are investigating in effort to remove any unverifiable/inaccurate information.

Trinity Credit Services believes in taking care of an issue at the root of the problem. Our multi-stage process ensures that the maximum amount of inaccurate or unverifiable information is permanently removed. We guarantee our results, guarantee them to be permanent, and know our services will change your future by improving your credit.

Trinity Credit Services strives to be different, creative and the leader in credit restoration. While a fresh start with good credit is a starting point, we don’t stop there. We educate every client of the credit driven marketplace and empower them with the knowledge to maintain their new found freedom. After our process has concluded, many of our clients rely on us for information and advice on major financial decisions to protect their good credit rating.

We are very confident in what we can do for you and will only take you on as a client if we feel we can help you. Costs are dependent on your credit report, but we do not charge unless you see results (with the exception of an administration fee).

If you would like additional information on our process, please contact Jaimie Mason, Business Development Manager, at or at (214) 504-7066 or (970) 901-3044.

Covenant Credit Repair

Covenant Credit Repair is the honest and trustworthy solution for your credit repair needs. Our process to fix bad credit is to address the factual issues of your credit report. We review your report to identify potential compliance issues with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that Credit Reporting Agencies collect and distribute accurate, timely and verifiable information about consumers. According to a study by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, 79% of all credit reports have errors and 25% of those reports with errors are serious enough that credit is denied the consumer.

Creditors also have a responsibility under the FCRA to provide to the Credit Reporting Agencies information about consumers that is complete and accurate. Additionally, creditors must investigate disputed information, and correct errors or explain why a report is accurate.

If you have bad credit, then don’t delay. Call us at 817-441-5030 to start your complimentary review of your credit report!

Disclaimer: Covenant Credit Repair operates in compliance with the Federal Credit Repair Organization Act and laws governing Credit Repair Organizations in the state of Texas.

Clients may do credit repair themselves without the services of a credit repair company.

Our process involves addressing specific issues on the client’s credit report that are either inaccurate, untimely or unverifiable.

In 2014 we have repaired or updated over 6,000 items for our clients.

Covenant Credit Repair
5189 East Interstate 20 Service Road North
Suite 101A
Willow Park, Texas 76087