Mobile Home Porches & Steps

(1) The above porch/steps were installed properly, with the one exception that the landing does not have a 4X4 support post at the face of the MH.  Thus the landing ( a modification by HUD definition) transfers a load to the home and thereby violates HUD Guidelines for FHA, VA and USDA Loans. The 4X4 posts at the opposite end of the landing are properly installed.


(1a) The above landing and steps has a lattice type baluster… this is acceptable as long as the span between vertical support posts does not exceed 5 feet or it has a bottom board for addition support

Porch roof supports
(2) This mobile home porch roof has support posts on the outside but none at the face of the home. Four posts need to be set at the face of the home to take all of the porch roof load away from the home itself.

porch roof support
(3) This is a properly installed treated 4”X 4” porch roof support post supporting the left corner of this porch roof… a similar post was on the right roof corner

Non Compliant Stairs
(4) This type of stairs is non-compliant…. The top step must be near level with the floor of the house… there cannot be a significant drop from the floor to the first step.


These steps have these major non-compliance issues

1. The steps need a handrail and bottom board on one side, with vertical balusters spaced no further apart than 6 inches center to center.
2. The steps need to be attached to 4X4 posts that are secured in the ground with a concrete collar
3. The steps in this photo are attached, for sole support, to the home itself.
4. Instead, they should be attached solely to the 4X4 posts in 2 above

(5) This is an example of properly built steps.